Chiropractic, Wellness and Natural Medicine

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October 18, 2017
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Chiropractic, Wellness and Natural Medicine

Many in the U.S. have heard of chiropractic or chiropractors, but are somewhat skeptical about its efficacy. Some practitioners in the medical profession and specifically the pharmaceutical industry, see no upside to alternative medicine, although many patients that have experienced both certainly have had positive experiences with the chiropractic approach. Questions remain in many people’s minds as to what approach is the best. This is actually the wrong way of considering at the issue.

Chiropractic and Conventional Medicine Differentiation

The conventional practice of medicine utilizes drugs, treatments and in some cases surgery, to correct medical problems. The medical profession, for the most part, is concerned with pinpoint solutions to solving medical conditions. The approach is that if a patient has a broken finger, then the physician will reset the finger and the patient (hopefully) becomes well. On the other hand, chiropractors are concerned with the total wellness of the patient through the correct alignment of the spine, the skeletal bones, proper nutrition, exercise, environmental and life style conditions.

Conventional medicine and chiropractic had been at odds with each other over the better part of the 20th century. Much of the disagreement had been based upon economic factors. If patients were successful with chiropractic they might be less likely to use conventional medicine in the future to address medical problems. Over the last 10-15 years following a successful Federal law suit against the American Medical Association, the medical profession has been more open to the profession of chiropractic as a treatment approach for certain disorders.

Chiropractic is Non Invasive

When a patient visits a medical doctor, they typically expect to receive a prescription or have a procedure performed. As stated above, chiropractic approaches the body as a system with the nervous system as the hub of the system and by using various adjustments and non invasive therapies thereby allowing the body to correct itself. Also, it is fairy common to see chiropractors associated with professional football or hockey teams.

All of this makes sense. In an interview with Dr. Vanessa Koutalidis, D.C., a chiropractor in South Florida, stated that with sports injuries and virtually almost every ache or pain associated with the back, “… a chiropractic approach is very effective in treating most ‘sprain-strain’ injuries, as well as other joint pains.” The profession of chiropractic deals with holistic and dietary issues as well as various non invasive naturopathic treatment therapies and natural remedies.

An Approach to Health and Wellness that Should be Considered

With most insurances companies accepting chiropractic as a treatment option, it makes sense to consider this as an approach to treatment and wellness. Obviously, if a patient’s problems is acute, a laceration or a severe lower intestinal disorder, a physician is the first stop. However, depending upon the nature of the complaint, a natural approach to health should always be considered. With many chiropractors certified in acupuncture and with many of their offices also providing therapeutic massage, there are a host of treatment and wellness options available within the chiropractic profession.

The informed consumer should consider and research alternative treatment options that are available. This is particularly important when a non invasive treatment is desired. The science of health care and wellness is progressing on a daily basis and a patient should research the best approach consistent with his or her health.